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We are a team of over 300 medics, including graduates from some of the leading universities in the country, who can provide your child with personalized 1 to 1 online tuition to help them get extra help before their summer exams..

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Need one-on-one help with a subject? We have over 250 tutors who have graduated from some of the leading universities of the country to help you with your education. 

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We offer monthly flexible tuition plans starting from as little as £28 per lesson! 

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We do not take any payment upfront. If you do not enjoy your first class, cancel with zero commitment.

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Our online classes contain elements of past-paper questions, theory, white-board demonstration, interactive quizzes and question and answer sessions.
1-1 Tutoring from £28/hr

As medics and doctors, we are very passionate about delivering excellent teaching to our students so that they have every chance of success. We have made sure our online classes contain elements of past-paper questions, theory, whiteboard demonstrations, interactive quizzes, and question-and-answer sessions.

  • Online via MS Teams
  • 1-1 Tutoring
  • Classes are available from KS3 to A levels.

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • English


Subjects Available
For Year groups 7 to 13


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Personalised Tutoring
Highly Competitive Prices

  • 1:1 Lessons with Individually matched Tutors
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Flexible Scheduling and Rescheduling

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What You'll Get

  • Personal 1:1 Tutor
  • 4 Live 1:1 Lessons A Month
  • 24/7 Support to ensure lessons do not get missed and your child gets matched to the best teacher.
  • Communicate directly with your tutor with our dedicated communication platform.
  • Structured lessons with PowerPoint Slides, Lecture Notes and Past Exam Questions for each Topic.

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from £35 per lesson
What You'll Get

  • Personal 1:1 Tutor
  • 24/7 Support to ensure lessons do not get missed and your child gets matched to the best teacher.
  • Communicate directly with tutor with our dedicated communication platform.
  • Structured lessons with Workbooks For Each Lesson
  • 4 Live 1:1 Lessons A Month
  • Homework For Each Lesson

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Course Syllabus

We teach you 1 module per month intense crash course design to get you ahead of your class.

Covering all exam boards

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We offer a 100% money-back guarantee and a FREE  7-day trial. You will not be charged until your child is happy with the lesson.
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 We offer 1:1 Tuition in the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics & English for students studying in KS3 to A-Levels. 
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You will get to schedule your first lesson at the point of booking. For each lesson, students will be provided with all the resources, including PowerPoint Slides and Question and Answer Papers.
Frequently asked questions

  • What learning materials are provided by your company every month?
    In addition to the live class that is held, we also provide students with a pre-course pack containing:

    1. Question papers
    2. Lecture Notes
    3. Presentation Slides on the module

    We focus on a problem-based learning approach to learning, whereby, we first assess our student’s knowledge by providing them with past paper examination questions. We expect the students to attempt these before attending the lesson.

    In addition, for every module, we also provide high quality lecture notes that are written by our subject tutors. The lecture notes contain all of the salient information for each module, allowing students to have access to pre-course learning material.

  • My son/daughter hasn't yet covered the theory for the lesson; are they expected to complete all of the questions received in the question pack?
    We do not expect students to be able to answer all of the questions if they have not yet covered the theory before. However, we'd advise for them to attempt as many as they can, so that they can better follow the teacher during the live event.

    During the lesson, the teacher will be teaching the theory from first principles, as well as working through questions from the exam pack. The point of giving the questions is to evoke the students' curiosity and for them to be better engaged during the lesson. Therefore, even if they cannot answer the questions, they should still attend, as it will give them an opportunity to learn something new during the class.

    We also provide more questions than what can be answered in the class, as we expect students to continue practicing after the lesson.

  • How do I get Access to the Live Class?
    After registration, all students will be provided access to their personalised online learning dashboard. Within the dashboard, there will be links to the class registered for that month. All lessons take place over Microsoft Teams and these links will be provided in the student portal.

  • Will we receive the mark-schemes to the questions or the video recordings of the session after the class?
    Yes. After the lesson, we will send all parents the video recordings of the sessions, the answer sheets to all of the questions and the presentation slides covered in class. These are usually sent 72 hours after the class finishes.

  • Does my child need to turn on their microphone/camera during the live lesson?
    The lessons are a live webcast of only the teacher. It is a one-way stream, and therefore, students will not be required to turn on their camera or microphone. Students will only be able to see the teacher and not vice-versa.

  • Will there be any opportunities for students to engage in the class or ask questions during the live event?
    Yes absolutely! We have partnered up with a technology company called Slido, to help make our lessons more interactive and engaging for students. Students will be able to take part in live quizzes and compete with other students across the country as well as being able to respond to questions asked by teachers using various interactive devices, including live polls, MCQs, and word clouds.

    As much as focusing on the front-end teacher, we also heavily invest in back-end teachers. There will be a live chat facility, where students will be able to post questions in real-time and get answers by our medic teachers, who are working in the background to help moderate the chat.
100% Money Back Guarantee

You will not pay for the lessons until your child is 100% satisfied. If after the first lesson your child does not enjoy the lesson, we can either change tutor or cancel your booking without being charged.

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