The Elite Medics Team
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Founded in 2018, Elite Medics is a team of over 350 Medics, helping thousands of young students pass their high school exams.

Two junior doctors; Dr Anik Ghai and Dr Pragash Kamalathevan have set up the UK’s first medic-run science academy.
They run a selection of live online classes every month, delivering top-quality science education to students across the country. All classes are taught by medics who have graduated from some of the best universities in the country, and who are committed to helping students perform better in their exams.

Founded in 2018, Dr Ghai and Dr Kamalathevan had aspirations to help inspire the next generation of medical students, and so initially started off by running career workshops for aspiring medical students. Whilst being in full-time training, they worked shifts in the hospitals, and during their free weekends, attended schools to teach biology and chemistry classes.

They very quickly found that the students they taught were left inspired and more motivated in their studies, and so noticed that there was a unique opportunity to get teachers who are in the medical community to help teach basic sciences to young people. Five years later, Elite Medics now comprises a team of over 350 medics and delivers live classes to over 5,000 students across the country every month.

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