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2-day Practical Careers Workshop for
 Aspiring Medics
for KS3, GCSE and A-level Students
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    •  Does your child want to become a Doctor?

Application to medical school is extremely competitive and only the most gifted candidates get through admissions.

Securing a place at any of the top universities including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, and Imperial is even more difficult.

It is important that aspiring medical students are given the correct tools, advice, and direction to achieve their ambitions.

We have set up the UK's first  2-day practical medical workshop to allow students from KS3 to A-Levels to get a better insight into a career in Medicine. The course will cover both theory as well as practical medical simulations to help inspire them into a career in Medicine.

We have designed a course for all year groups from KS3, GCSE to A-Levels.

Our aims are to inspire students to a career in medicine. We will be inviting speakers from a variety of specialties to help provide students with insight into a career in medicine as well as provide students with first-hand clinical experience in practicing medicine.

Our aim is to inspire, motivate and educate the next generation of medical students.

  • 2-day Practical Medical Careers Workshop for 
    Aspiring Medical Students.

    Date:  Saturday 9th- Sunday 10th December 2023
  • Venue: North Birmingham Academy School
    Birmingham, B44 0HF

Saturday 9th- Sunday 10th December 2023

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Topics to be covered on Day 1

Medicine as a Career

A career in medicine demands a lifetime commitment of academia, selflessness and personal growth. The course aims to help students rationalise their decision to study medicine. Students are advised on how their personal attributes can be translatable to a career in medicine. We aim to leave students feeling completely assured that they are making the right choice by the end of the course.
Lectures around Medical Topics

Students will be given lectures on the following topics:

  • System based examinations; Neurology, Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Gastrointestinal systems.
  • Heart Sounds:. Learn how to listen to heart sounds and be able to identify pathological murmurs.
  • ECG: Learn the basics of interpreting ECG’s and identifying abnormal heart rhythms.
  • X-rays.
  • Blood Tests
Medical Ethics

Students are taken through a number of ethical principles ( Consent/Confidentiality) and learn how to apply these to interview questions. Medical ethics often derail candidates at interview, but the course will make students confident on how to rationalise to an answer.
Situation Judgement Questions

In medicine, doctors find themselves in a number of scenarios where they have to make difficult decisions. Students are presented with a number of these scenarios and taught how to come to a risk averse decision.
Personal Statement (for GCSE & A-Level Only)

A well written personal statement is critical in standing out from the other well qualified applicants. Students will be shown how to structure a personal statement. In addition, every student booked onto the course will get the opportunity to get their statement individually reviewed and critiqued by one of our panel doctors.

Interview Technique (for GCSE & A-Level Only)

We understand that medical school interviews can be a daunting process. Many students have a heightened sense of apprehension and fear; however the course aims to alleviate students’ concerns. They are taken through what to expect in the interviews including how to answer:

  1. Generalised/Common questions.
  2. University associated questions.
  3. Ethical Scenarios applied from earlier
  4. Personal Statement derived questions.

Topics to be covered on Day 2 (Practical Day)

- Suturing
- Emergency Medical Simulations
- Basic Life Support & Resuscitation
-Radiology Interpretation
- ECG interpretation
- How to examine the human body

Why You Should Attend this Course?

Get Inspired

We want our students to be inspired into medicine and therefore want to provide them with first-hand experiences of what life as a training doctor is like. Students need to be well informed, and that is why we tell them what it is like practising medicine; both the positives and negatives experiences. Almost 90% of all attendees walk out feeling more inspired and motivated in their learning after attending our course.
Understanding a Doctor’s role

The lectures on system-based examinations, medical ethics and clinical scenarios will give students an insight into a doctor’s life. In addition, this is an excellent opportunity for applicants to practice their communication skills needed for interviews and for a life in medicine.
Getting Familiar with Medical School Admission Process

We understand that applying to medical school is a daunting process to most applicants. At Elite Medics, we aim to relieve this anxiety by guiding students through each step of the process and maximise their chances of entry.
Boost your CV/ Personal Statement

Students who apply to medical school, need to demonstrate their commitment to this career and willingness to understand more about it. Taking part in courses, and attending medical-related events, provide opportunities for students to talk about such experiences in their personal statement or at medical school interviews.

All students who attend our course will be provided with a certificate of attendance, which can be used in their portfolios as evidence of attendance.
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- Run by Oxbridge Doctors

Venue: North Birmingham Academy, Birmingham, B44 0HF
Dates: 9th-10th December 2023 
TImes: 09:30am-4:00pm

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